The process works best when you use your Facebook account normally for the duration of the rental. The responsiveness of the user is how fast you can get on your computer and be available for a connection after your representative contacts you.

That correct, you will receive $100 monthly, after you account passes the verification steps, which takes anywhere for 2 weeks to a month depending on the responsiveness of the user.

There are no requirements for the referral program, we want everyone to be able to access this opportunity. All you need to do it have your friends or family fill out the form at the application link on this site. Make sure to tell them to put your name in the referral section for credit. You will receive $25 for each person you bring in, once their account is successful.

All accounts last different time durations; some a few days, some one week, some several weeks to months. We have no way of knowing beforehand.

If we didn’t use your personal computer, then we would need your Facebook login credentials ,which is personal information we don’t want to have,. Also due to Facebook’s policies if we try and log into your account on a different computer and different Internet connection, then it may flag your account as having suspicious activity. For the account managers to be able to go into the Facebook ads account and make changes to the ads periodically, they need to be able to log into your computer at anytime for the duration of the rental. You must have your computer on and plugged in 24/7 to meet the qualifications for Platinum Providers.

Facebook requires an account to be at least one year old and have legitimate activity on them to consider allowing ads to be run. We don’t have time to create new accounts and set them up with years worth of data and activity; we would rather rent a real, quality account from you.

We will never need to ask you for your Facebook username or password. Facebook ad accounts are separate from your normal Facebook page. There will never be anything posted by you, shown to your friends, or on your Facebook timeline or profile. We will never post on your wall. We will never use or sell your personal information.

Facebook has strict policies to prevent ad scams. During the process, you may have to verify your phone number or send a picture of your ID, with your personal information redacted, to Facebook Support. This is done entirely through the Facebook website, and we never get a copy of your ID.

All the risk is taken on by us, and all payments will be set up using our business credit cards. You will never be asked to set up your own credit card. There is no risk to your Facebook account, Facebook is very strict about ad scams and may even ask for ID verification during the process.

This is a very common technique done for the last few years. Most people don’t realize each FB account has its own advertising manager that is separate from their normal FB account. Our marketers will be using your account to setup paid advertisements and test marketing strategies and different demographics.

We work specifically with the ad manager section of Facebook and do not accept other forms of social media accounts. It must be your personal Facebook account.

You can become a Platinum Provider after meeting the requirements for 12 weeks. As soon as you become a Platinum Provider, you will be upgraded to $500 monthly payouts, and you will receive your choice of a free gift between a new laptop, XBox One, PS4, or $400 Amazon gift card. The requirements are simple all you have to do is have 12 weeks of perfect TeamViewer connection, meaning whenever we try to connect your computer is ready, with no delays. It will need to be accessible 24/7.

The only payment methods we have set up right now are PayPal and Skrill. Making a PayPal account is quick, it takes less than 5 minutes. You will receive the funds immediately when they are sent, even faster than a direct deposit!

Successful use of your account means that the ad is still running, and your computer is accessible when needed.

1st payment is paid after your account manager sets up your account and verifies that it will work (3-5 days). After that time we reconnect and the ads are placed and that is when you will get your first payment of $30. Then we check back in on your account in two weeks, and you get your second payment of $50. After that every month your are successfully running ads you get a payout of $100! Unless you are a platinum provider in which case you will receive $500 every month after!

Here is a link for a guide on how to create a custom password. We require this for all our platinum providers, and it also makes it easier for you .

TeamViewer can be found in the application form, on the TeamViewer website, or at the link   here . You can also find the Mac installation there. To download it you can follow this guide here . Make sure to install the basic setup for personal use. Once you have installed it you can find it on your desktop or in your programs folder.

TeamViewer is a software application that allows for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer between computers. TeamViewer is compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. TeamViewer allows a user to access another computer remotely using a web browser. No one can access your computer without the password, and you can see what we are doing on your account the whole time if you wish.

It will only work on a desktop or laptop computer, not a phone or tablet. It must be the computer you usually use to access Facebook, and not running multiple Facebook accounts.

All you need is about 20 minutes of your time, the computer you usually use to access Facebook. This computer needs to be on your home/work Internet connection via remote software called Team Viewer that you will download the application, and we will help you setup. You must be located in the United States.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

It only takes about 20 minutes of your time. Your Facebook must be active, at least two years old, and 100 friends minimum. You must also not have run ads on your FB before, either personally or through another rental program. You must also have a computer and internet connection. You must be located in the United States.

Getting started is easy, all you have to do is fill out the form using the Application tab on our website. It should take about 5 minutes to fill out the form and download TeamViewer, and then you’ll be entered into the queue to speak to a representative who will set up your ad account.